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Axonometry – Solar Power Plant

Section – Solar Power Plant

Software-supported process tool
Novatec Biosol AG Karlsruhe develops solar thermal power plants for the energy of the future. Their first plant is located in Spain with further plants to follow in North Africa and the Middle East.
The role of digitales bauen consisted of developing a software-supported tool for the purpose of developing these new plants.
The functionality of the tool extends through the entire process chain, from design through simulation, prefabrication, logistics, assembly and finally into operation and maintenance.

Project Data

Novatec Biosol Karlsruhe

Service Period
2006 – 2007

Numeric Location: Facility Rows x Facility Units

Structure of Data Model – e.g. Modelling of Primary Mirror – UML Syntax

Installation Unit of a Facility Unit

digital planning, constructing
and operating

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