May 14 2024

Autodesk webinar

Conference in Aachen:

SICAD4Revit plugin as Autodesk success story

Autodesk webinar on the SICAD4Revit Plugin

In the Autodesk webinar on “Digitalization in the construction industry”, digitales bauen and Sikla answered questions about their jointly developed Revit plugin SICAD4Revit.
With the aim of improving Sikla’s market position, digitales bauen has programmed a plugin that allows Sikla products to be seamlessly integrated as 3D models into the BIM process and the Autodesk workflow.

digitales bauen developer Thorben Dukar, who has been involved in the SICAD4Revit project since 2020, reported on the challenges of the project and the partnership with Sikla.

December 19 2023

Additional joint office floor

Conference in Aachen:

Housewarming Party

Drees & Sommer and digitales bauen Housewarming

Drees & Sommer and digitales bauen opened an additional, shared office floor at the Karlsruhe site with a housewarming party attended by Drees & Sommer partners Michael Bauer and Ralph Scheer.

November 24 2023

Research and development building

Conference in Aachen:

Roche Building 12

Roche Building 12, visualization © zvg, Roche

We are delighted to be responsible for the modular planning of the Roche Building 12 research building for the client Roche and the architects Herzog & de Meuron , under the general planning of Drees & Sommer Switzerland .

The planning team draws on experience and expertise from the previous joint projects Bau 1, Bau 2 and pRED.

August 09 2023

50. Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference

Conference in Aachen:

Three on FOUR.

The FOUR Frankfurt high-rise project from 3 perspectives.

Fig. left: Optimisation of the building geometry as the basis for the façade builder’s prefabrication, © digitales bauen GmbH.
Fig. right: Facade T1 and T4, FOUR Frankfurt, Photo: Frank Dinger

At the 50th Rosenheim Window and Facade Conference on October 12th 2023, Leila Abdolnazari from the investor Groß & Partner , Herbert Weileder from the façade builder Dobler Metallbau and Volkmar Hovestadt, digitales bauen managing director and planner, will look at their joint project from 3 perspectives under the title „The FOUR Frankfurt – Serial Construction of Unique Pieces“.

August 07 2023

Conference in Aachen:

Conference in Aachen:

modular­CONSTRUCTION 2023

Our head of planning Tim Vogt will be speaking at the modular­CONSTRUCTION 2023 conference in Aachen on 6 September 2023 in the category „Technical Building Services“ on the topic of „Modular Building Services – from the grid to execution“.

June 30 2023

FOCUS online interview

FOCUS online interview

„How AI is helping to make real estate more sustainable“

Handelsblatt interview with digitales bauen AI expert Georg Müller

Our AI expert Georg Müller is quoted in the Handelsblatt article „How AI helps make real estate more sustainable“:

„Georg Müller, who was involved in the research project for digitales bauen GmbH, sums up: „After the initial euphoria, you soon realize the toils of the level. You can’t expect AI to be able to read and understand complete building plans already.“ But the architect and database programmer says AI applications could definitely help optimize processes in construction planning and monitoring in the future.“

And further on the topic of generative design:

„In Scandinavia and the UK, generative design is already much more widespread,“ says architect Müller. „That’s because much more useful data is available digitally there, for example from land registry offices.“

June 22 2023

Lecture in Berlin

Lecture in Berlin

BMWK AI Inno­vation Compe­tition Summer Campus

AI expert Georg Müller at the BMWK Summer Campus in Berlin

Our AI expert Georg Müller gave the lecture „Object recognition and categorization for automated creation of construction reports“ in the session „Knowledge management and information systems“ at the BMWK (Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection) AI Innovation Competition Summer Campus in Berlin on June 22.

April 6 2023

FOCUS online interview

FOCUS online interview

„You can get any house in a building system“

FOCUS online article on serial construction with Volkmar Hovestadt Interview and project example TGA modularization in the FOUR Frankfurt project, picture on the right © Würth Deutschland Baustellen-Projekt-Management

In an interview with FOCUS online, digitales bauen CEO Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt talks about the potential of serial construction.

March 2023

IT goes Gemba 2023 seminar Stuttgart

IT goes Gemba 2023 seminar Stuttgart

„Beam me up, SDaC! Applied AI for leaner construction“

February 2023

1998 – 2023

1998 – 2023

25 years digitales bauen

25 years digitales bauen
From CAD-CAM assembly aids to project-specific construction kits and AI-supported planning.

„Houses are built repetitions“.

Based on this conviction, we have been developing a method for maximum controlled design of buildings and their millions of individual parts over their life cycle for 25 years now. From the very beginning, our role model has been Fritz Haller’s buildings. Assembled from building kits with exceptional planning and construction quality as well as changeability and reversibility, they are the perfect model for digitally controlled planning, industrial execution and recyclable construction.

We transfer this high quality standard to individual building designs, question common planning tasks, roles and processes, and develop our own tools for implementation. Whether administration building, apartment or laboratory, factory, hotel or museum, whether high-rise or low-rise building, no matter which form which content, every building becomes a construction kit!

Many thanks to all or our clients, cooperative partners, planners, employees who have helped make this path possible. Without this great trust and commitment, our journey would not have been possible.

Many thanks also to Drees & Sommer, our majority shareholder since 2020. Together with Drees & Sommer we hope to translate our methods into a larger scale.

All in all, it has been a great pleasure for us.

Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt
CEO digitales bauen

December 2022

H.O.M.E. magazine article january 2023:

H.O.M.E. magazine article January 2023:

„The power of modules.“

H.O.M.E. Magazine January 2023 with digitales bauen article on modularization in H.O.M.E. House 2023

We at digitales bauen are pleased to have been able to support the H.O.M.E. Haus 2023 by O&O Baukunst on the topics of modularization and feasibility.

The article „The Power of Modules“ in the January issue of H.O.M.E. Magazine, written together with Dieter Weingardt, team leader at digitales bauen, reports on the topic:
„The modular principle of the H.O.M.E. House 2023 invites enormous individual design freedom – and at the same time guarantees standardized quality.“

The new H.O.M.E. issue 1/23 will be on newsstands on 16.12.2022.

November 2022

Modular structure for high-rise ensemble FOUR Frankfurt:

Modular structure for high-rise ensemble FOUR Frankfurt:


Figures from top left to bottom right: Assembled HVAC modules © KBP Ingenieure GmbH, Automatic placement of HVAC modules on the floor control surfaces © digitales bauen, TGA module preparatory planning © KBP Ingenieure Gmbh & digitales bauen, Just-in-time delivery of HVAC modules © Skylineatlas

digitales bauen rationalized the geometry of the design for the FOUR Frankfurt high-rise project by project developer Groß & Partner and UNStudio architects, divided it into standard areas, and based on this prepared the modularization and prefabrication of the building services together with KBP Ingenieure GmbH.

The Construction Site Project Management department of Würth Deutschland was responsible for the execution planning of the HVAC modularization, prefabricated the modules and delivered them just-in-time to the large construction site in Frankfurt’s banking district.

Through modularization, digitales bauen reduces complexity and increases industrial construction quality in the FOUR Frankfurt project.

Project links:

October 2022


Consortium meeting of the partners of the SDaC research project on Zugspitze
© SDaC

The partners of the SDaC (Smart Design and Construction) research project on the integration of AI and the construction industry met for two productive days at the Schnefernerhaus Environmental Station.
The focus was first on presenting the results of the use cases so far. Afterwards, several workshops were held to generate ideas for the continuation of the technical development in addition to the roadmap regarding the end of the project.

„We believe the change of air did us good and helped us define concrete tasks and recharge the batteries for the coming year.“

further information:

June 2022


NION office tower Frankfurt © UNStudio

In the Millennium Areal Frankfurt project, with Tower A as Germany’s tallest office tower, digital building supports the planning team in rationalising the geometry of the project’s two sculpturally twisted towers. The aim is to optimise the supporting structure and maximise the controlled areas in preparation for the modularisation of technology and use and prefabrication.

For maximum spacing and the greatest possible sunlight in the confined context, the two towers are „twisted up“ in the lower area. The top of Tower A forms a spectacular, publicly accessible skyhall.

Tower A (288m) is used as an office and hotel, Tower B (157m) as a residential tower with 40% publicly subsidised flats.

One focus of the project is energy efficiency and resource conservation. PV modules in the façade cover 25% of the building’s electricity needs. Compared to similar projects, 20% less concrete and steel are used.

further information:

May 2022


NION office tower Frankfurt © UNStudio

Modular planning and system integration are the topics for which digitales bauen is responsible in the NION project (formerly „Tower X“), a green office tower (106m) by the project developer Groß & Partner and UNStudio Architekten on Europa-Allee in Frankfurt.

A characteristic feature of the project is a green joint that runs across the building and connects a public park with Europa-Allee. The green joint also continues inside the building.

We are looking forward to working with the planning team!

further information:

January 3, 2022


v.create office – a 3D-configurator for tenant fit-out of office buildings
© Die Werkbank

For its first version of v.create office, a 3D configurator for tenant fit-out of office buildings, digitales bauen has supported „Die Werkbank“, an Austrian company for CAD/BIM solutions:

Office spaces can be individually configured within a technically tested module catalog, visualized in real time and virtually walked through. Essential KPIs, such as build-out costs or the number of workstations, are always kept in view.
After the user has configured his individual planning, he can export it as a PDF.
No knowledge of BIM/CAD software or architectural experience is required to use the tool.

further information:

October 7, 2021



Aus datenschutzrechlichen Gründen benötigt YouTube Ihre Einwilligung um geladen zu werden.

Blue Modularity – Buildings as an efficient, tailored and deliverable product

digitales bauen is a key player in the Blue Modularity innovation hub powered by Drees & Sommer.
With Blue Modularity, we offer buildings as products. With time, quality and cost promises and a central contact partner. The customer receives a versatile building that makes optimum use of digitalization and is liveable in the best sense of the word with its resource-saving production and utilization principle.

further information:

Apri 23-25, 2021


Hackathons are the catalysts for those innovations that have no place in everyday office life. And for good reason. The basic conditions are different from working at a desk. An informal, free, creative working atmosphere in small groups entices people to try out even off-the-wall ideas without shying away.

48 hours – 3 challenges – a total of €10,000 in prize money – that’s what awaits you at the SDaC Online Hackathon weekend from April 23-25, 2021!

At the #SDaCathon you think out-of-the-box and solve one of the many challenges together with a large community of hackers and coders. Let yourself be inspired by extraordinary abstract ideas and creative solutions and win attractive prize money of €10,000.

The mission at SDaC is to become the AI engine of the construction industry. Until that happens, there are still all kinds of problems to solve – and that’s what they want to tackle together with you at the first online hackathon!

More information and registration:

October 29, 2020


Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, speaks at the annual congress ‚Modular building of the future‘ in Leipzig under the category ‚Innovations in the production process‘ on the topic ‚Creative and standardized, no contradiction! Future construction is based on digital methods‘.

Globana Messe & Conference Center
Münchener Ring 2
04435 Leipzig

further information:

August 20, 2020


Within the series of events ‚Coping with the lack of resources and skilled workers‘ of the German Lean Construction Institute of KIT Karlsruhe, Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, will speak on the topic of ‚Modularization and Robotics‘.

Vollack Group, Forum 1, Am Heegwald 26, 76227 Karlsruhe
August 20th, 2020
4:00 p.m.

further information:

March 16, 2020


Within the series of events ‚Coping with the lack of resources and skilled workers‘ of the German Lean Construction Institute of KIT Karlsruhe, Dieter Weingardt, office manager digitales bauen, will speak on the topic of ‚Modularization and Prefabrication‘.

KIT – Institute for Technology and Management in Construction
March 16th, 2020
4:00 p.m.

further information:

January 1, 2020


After 10 years of close cooperation, including the Roche Basel, Experimenta Heilbronn and FOUR Frankfurt projects, the planning and consulting company Drees & Sommer SE, headquartered in Stuttgart, has been participating in digitales bauen with 74.9 percent since January 1, 2020.
The common vision: to penetrate the construction industry step by step with a systematic, modular approach and to establish a digital process chain.

Press release

September 19 2019


© SDaC

The research project proposed under the leadership of the Institute for Technology and Management in Construction Operations (TMB) and the Karlsruhe Service Research Institute (KSRI) of KIT Karlsruhe in cooperation with GOLDBECK US Inc. and digitales bauen Karlsruhe on the integration of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the construction industry was nominated for implementation by german minister for economic affairs Peter Altmaier in Berlin.

January 14, 2019


Mistakes in project planning incur additional costs, delay completion discredit the profession and mar the field of architecture. The symposium presents practical experiences and discussions on the TGA vocational course of study. Academy  members and civil engineers Stefan Polónyi and Klaus Bollinger have expressed concerns about recurring construction defects – not only in spectacular building projects like Berlins BER Airport – and are initiating a broad exchange of ideas on these.

Monday March 5th 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Academy of Arts Berlin

March 5, 2018


FOUR, the name of the construction project is also program: Over the next five years, four highrise buildings will be built in the centre of Frankfurt in collaboration with the architectural offices UNStudio and HPP.
The four skyscrapers will be connected by a common base floor and will house more than 600 appartments, numerous, offices, two hotels, a daycare centre and a wide range of restaurants and shops.
The architects UNStudio and HPP, who are responsible for the planning, the client Groß & Partner and the Karlsruhe engineering office digitales bauen, which as module planner and BIM manager is responsible for optimising and coordinating the planning and construction processes, will report on the spectacular project, the interdisciplinary cooperation of the parties involved and the application of BIM methods in the planning phase.

Monday, January 7th 2019, 5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
KIT, faculty for architecture Karlsruhe, lecture hall 9

March 23, 2017


NEST © Empa / Gramazio Kohler Architects

March 28th 2017 Dr. Volkmar Hovestadt, CEO digitales bauen, talks about „Programming buildings – digitales bauen focus building technology“ at the „Modular and digital building technology“ conference at NEST Zürich.

May 4, 2016


GTA publishers Zürich have published the monograph ‚Fritz Haller Architekt und Forscher‘, edited by Laurent Stalder and Georg Vrachliotis.

more information:
GTA publishers ETH Zürich

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