Integrated Building Services


Precise Building Service Installation

Individual construction kit architecture and technology enables flexible production and office use over the entire life cycle.

Integrated Building Services Roche

This project consisted of a 2-storey highly specialized production facility for blood glucose meters and 2-storey office blocks. On behalf of the developer, the architectural and technical utility planning in all HOAI phases of the project were integrated into complete building blocks with flexible usage of production and office spaces, designed over the whole life cycle of the building.

The complex architecture was described on the basis of parametrical standards and construction regulations. In this way, the structure could be described and input into a compact database. This became the groundwork for a well-controlled and clash-free construction of the building.

Section Roche Mannheim

Integrated Building Services, Modularisation, Prefabrication, Internet Based Project Server, CAFM Compatible Documentation, Roche

Project Data


Gross Total Area
10,000 qm

Construction Costs
12.5 M €


Service Period
2001 – 2003

Integrated Building Services – Standard Module

Modular System Ventilation

digital planning, constructing
and operating

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