Integrated Building Services


Integrated Building Services Max Tower Frankfurt

Tool for clients to compare investment and operating costs and the returns to be achieved from design variants.

Integrated Building Services Max Tower Frankfurt

230m Highrise Project For Deutsche Bank Area Frankfurt
digitales bauen was retained in order to integrate and modularise all technical services within the proposed structure. By specifying installation standards and programming these into a database, a useful tool for the owner was developed, where investment and operational costs as well as return on the investment of various draft versions could be compared. The project was halted in the draft phase due to financial and political reasons.

Max Tower Model

Max Tower Frankfurt Project

Integrated Building Services, Modularisation, Database Driven Design, CAFM Compatible Data Model, Internet Based Project Server

Project Data


DB Real Estate Frankfurt

Gross Total Area
87,000 qm

Construction Costs
250 M €


Service Period
2001 (Planning stopped)

Standardisation Of The Whole Building

Metric System of the Building

Analysis of the Cost-Effectiveness based on the Fitting Standards

digital planning, constructing
and operating

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