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Uniform fastening technology enables 30% cost savings.

Integrated Building Services

The differing organisational systems between architect and the utility contractors within the project, particularly in the standard-use areas and the central utility shafts, were coordinated and systemised with the help of prefabricated building blocks.

The result was a complete modular installation of ceiling mounted ventilation systems, and lighting and duct corridors. The duct corridors, over 1000m in total length, were constructed of a series of modular units manufactured with CAD CAM machining. The prefabricated units could be affordably produced, and efficiently installed because of the consistent and predetermined attachement points. The overall costs were reduced by 30% compared to conventional installation.

The building was outfitted with an internet-based control unit by the company RaumComputer. Planning and modularisation by digitales bauen produced a utility module to control light, window shades, and temperature.

RaumComputer Installation

Integrated Building Services, Modularisation, CAD CAM Support System, RaumComputer

Project Data


WSSA Architekten

Gross Total Area
28,000 qm

Construction Costs
55 M €

7 buildings with 5 levels, 1 building with 11 levels

Service Period
2002 – 2003

Solids of the Project Standards of a Office Building

Standard Areas for Offices, Services and Finishings

CAD CAM Support System

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