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CAD CAM supply system –
constructing as designed

The assembly result corresponds 100% to the planning.

How can a clash-free, optimised and verified utility routing plan be transfered accurately from design into construction?

Assembly result corresponds to planning 100%
digitales bauen® has developed a unique, proven method in which CNC machining is used to create mounting frames and canals directly from the coordinated utitliy route plans.
These prefabricated units are professionally and collaboratively installed in by a contractor and surveyor.
All joins for subsequent installations are located on the prefabricated units.
The duct mounting frames mirror the plan documents 1:1. Aside from the positive effects to the general construction proecess, this precision brings great advantages for the user and operator. All ducts and access points can be precisely located based on their documented position.

Guaranteed fire safety standards
The mounting templates facilitate planning and installation to comply with fire safety standards for ceiling and wall access points – in particular the necessary distance between various utility routes and securing the openings. The pipe sleeves, in this case, can be pre-fitted with the appropriate fire safety covering (eg. Conlit-Schalen). The implementation risk in the entire construction process is thereby considerably reduced.

CAD CAM Support System
Avoidance of Conflicts
Integration of Fire Protection Rules
Build as Planned

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Support System Floor

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Installation on Floor Slab

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Support System

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Build as planned

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