New Building BLB Aachen

Completely modular building design to ensure high flexibility of use and high degree of prefabrication.

Integration Plan BLB Aachen

In collaboration with the general planners BLB in Aachen, a completely modular design for the new BLB headquarters in Aachen was developed. The goal of this task was a highly flexible user profile as well as a large percentage of prefabrication in order to enable a shorter construction time and lower overall costs.

The role of digitales bauen was to convert the proposed design of the architect and contractors into a modular and utility-integrated concept design.

This design process was part of a competitive dialogue with various general contractors over many phases of the design. The result: a modular systematic structural design with integrated utility components that can be delivered to the general contractors turnkey ready.

Project Coordinate System

Integrated Building Services, Modularisation, Database Driven Design, Competitive Dialogue

Project Data


BLB NL Aachen

Gross Total Area
9,000 qm

Construction Costs
12.5 M €


Service Period
2005 – 2007

Modularisation and Integration of the Subsystems: Superstructure, Facade, Heating, Cooling, Ventilation, Electro and Finishings

Project Standards of the Integrated Subsections

3D-Model of the different Area Standards

digital planning, constructing
and operating

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